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Rev your life with Revalife®

Revalife® is a new topical glucosamine cream that almost instantly relieves the pain of osteoarthritis, while safely and effectively promoting the joint health of its users.

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Product Description

Get to know Revalife®

Revalife® is a new arthritis treatment that almost instantly relieves the pain of osteoarthritis, while safely and effectively promoting its users’ joint health.

Revalife® is unique among glucosamine creams because it has a patented formula built around NAG-glucosamine that helps restore your active lifestyle while improving your range of motion. All of Revalife’s® ingredients are on the FDA’s GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) list. In sum, using Revalife® is like getting a glucosamine shot without the needle.


I have arthritic pain in my hands, knees, and hips. I was skeptical of another analgesic cream. But when I put Revalife® on my hands, it worked immediately, and the relief lasted until the next day. I have since used it on my knees and hip, and it has made a difference.

Beverly W.
Athens, GA

I’m a retired army officer who served in Desert Storm. I’m also a weightlifter and bodybuilder and have had my share of joint problems.

I always assumed that rest and recuperation were all that I could do to heal my injuries. Boy was I wrong. I tried Revalife.® It allowed me to recover faster, and return to training quicker. Revalife® works for me. I recommend it highly.

Joseph M.
Retired US Army

How to use Revalife®

Frequency of use

Revalife® should be applied twice a day, once in the morning just after getting up and once in the evening just before going to bed.

Amount to Use:

Squeeze out a pea-sized “dollop” of Revalife® and apply it to your osteoarthritic joint as described below. One three 3-ounce tube of Revalife® should last about a month.



Bend your arm and apply Revalife® to the pointed tip of your elbow and rub it in well.



Apply Revalife® to the top of your wrist and rub it in well.

*Do NOT apply it to the bottom of your wrist as the tendons to your fingers will block penetration to your wrist.



Apply Revalife® to the backside and the inside or outside of your knee joint.

*Do NOT apply it to the front (top) of your knee, as your kneecap will block its penetration to your leg bones. You may want to experiment between inside and outside applications to see which works best for you. The inside works best for most because the inside tendon is smaller than the outside tendon.



Apply Revalife® to the front and outside of your hip because these placements create the shortest route for the penetration of Revalife’s® active ingredients to your hip joint.

*Do NOT apply it to the back of your hip, as your hip bone will block its penetration to your hip joint.

Joint strain or sprain suggestions

Many joint strains and sprains are caused by tears in joint cartilage. Joint pain is a good measure of the severity of these tears. It is recommended that you apply Revalife® to the strained/sprained joint at least twice a day in order to accelerate the restoration of your joint health. The reduction in pain is a good measure of Revalife’s® effectiveness, but an even better, but more costly, measure would be MRI’s of the soft tissue in the affected joint just after the injury and then periodically thereafter.

OA suggestion 1:

It is recommended that you initially use Revalife® on just one of your joints that is affected with osteoarthritis (OA). For example, if you have OA in both your wrists, put on Revalife® your right wrist and nothing on you left wrist for at least two and preferably four weeks. At the end of this time, you can easily determine Revalife’s® effectiveness by comparing the pain in your right wrist with the pain in your left wrist.

OA suggestion 2:

OA is caused by the fact that the body does NOT regenerate as much cartilage as is lost by the regular daily “wear and tear” on our joints. While joint PAIN is a good measure of the fact that you are losing more cartilage than your body is replacing, an even better measure that is used in many OA studies are “joint spacing” X-rays. This involves taking an X-ray of the affected joint when you begin using Revalife,® than taking another similar X-ray after you have used the treatment for several months. By measuring the spacing between your joints, your doctor can determine whether the treatment has halted the loss on cartilage (the joint spacing has stayed the same or even increased) or not (the joint spacing has decreased).

Benefits of Revalife®

Revalife® history

Since the early 1990’s, a myriad of European studies have shown that glucosamine not only controls the pain associated with OA, it helps to minimize the cartilage breakdown that causes the disease. This is why the sales of glucosamine pills have grown over 1000% over the past 20 years. However, pills deliver less than 1% of their glucosamine to their user’s joints, which is not enough for those suffering from severe OA and severe joint strains and sprains. That’s where Revalife® comes in. Revalife® is a patented glucosamine cream for the treatment of mild, intermediate, and severe osteoarthritis (OA) and mild, intermediate, and severe joint sprains and strains.

All of Revalife’s® ingredients are on the FDA’s GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) list. The FDA has approved Revalife’s® packaging, and Revalife® is produced in FDA-approved facilities. Revalife’s® co-inventor, Dr. Anthony Capomacchia, a faculty member at the University of Georgia, suffers from extreme OA, and has used Revalife® to treat his OA ever since its development. Revalife’s® two major advantages are its ability to ease joint pain, promote joint health, and help restore active lifestyles and its two issued U.S. patents (#8,034,796 & #8,361,990) and two issued international patents. Revalife’s® only disadvantage is that it is a maintenance therapy, i.e., users will need to continue to use it for the rest of their lives. On average, the typical Revalife® user should purchase about 12 tubes of Revalife® a year.

Revalife’s® advantages vs. NSAIDS, Cox-2 inhibitors, glucosamine pills, and other glucosamine creams are shown in the table below.



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Revalife® is like getting a glucosamine shot without the needle. Check out our line of products to make the right choice for your joint paint and ostearthritis needs.